Hunt Harville SidebarWe’re delighted that you joined us for this Safe Conversations® workshop! If you’re looking to continue your journey toward greater self-awareness and healthier relationships, we’d like to present some additional offerings.

Harville and Helen offer several practical resources at their site, including: Safe Conversations: Practice & Share and Zero Negativity Challenge.

For more information on how to bring Safe Conversations® to your community, view here for some initial ideas. Or contact info@safeconversations.org.

We also have a list of local Imago Therapy practitioners who can be a resource to you.

For more information on the workshop’s sponsoring church, Redeemer Community Church, check out our website or contact us.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the workshop and we hope to see you again soon!

With you on the journey toward healthy relationships,
Doug and Adele Calhoun
Co-Lead Pastors, Redeemer Community Church